Thursday, 31 July 2014

Google +1

While posting a book review a few weeks back, I noticed that two pages have received high scores on the Google +1 system. As of today, Designated Listener had a G+1 score of 7,437, and Books 2012 (1) had a score of 20,993. Since this is far greater than the total number of people shown as viewing these entries, the scores are perplexing. I think that the first time I noticed this the score for the Designated Listener was in the 6,900s range. Since no one has been able to view any entries on this blog for almost two years now, these scores make no sense. If memory serves, the system was introduced only shortly before I took the blog off line. I will need to keep a watch on this. (Update: 8/10. The plus-one scores are now 7,400 and 20,770. This makes even less sense. Do the plus-ones expire? Do people revoke them?)