Monday, 14 March 2016

New Kindle Publication

Times Zones, a novel length work, is now available in Kindle Stores on Amazon (Amazon page here).

Patrick Rósgleann, an elderly Irish novelist, retreats to his ancestral home in County Donegal to write the first draft of his autobiography. In looking back over his life, he becomes obsessed with the questions of his parents’ failed marriage, his fractured relationship with his father, his identity as a gay man, and his bond with his life partner, Lewis. As he finishes each chapter, he emails a copy to Lewis and to his editor for comments. Their responses to what he is writing form a counterpoint to his concerns as he attempts to justify himself to them and to himself.


Two collections of Nexis Pas stories are now available in Kindle Stores on Amazon. Coffee in the Morning (Amazon page here) contains stories featuring gay characters; Confrontations (page here) has longer stories dealing with various themes.